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Quality assurance

To support the desire for premium service, is the commitment towards quality control measures. In-house documented quality assurance complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards as well as the stringent Queensland Government Pre-Qualification Certification level 3 (PQC3), giving you assured confidence in quality control procedures.

The Quality Policy aims, and where possible exceeds the expectations of clients while providing services in line with the following objectives:

  1. To always provide prompt and professional responses to client and consultant queries
  2. To strive for accuracy in our design and project management solutions with a minimum of rework; and
  3. To provide innovative input and opportunities throughout the design and construction process to ensure that the designs and management solutions we produce are of an exceptional standard

Safety – Design & Workplace

As part of the Quality Assurance system, the safety of clients, stakeholders, staff and the community is embedded as a fundamental principle of daily operations. In conjunction with on-going reviews and training in statutory regulations and obligations, a Risk Assessment Audit has been developed for all projects including the following key criteria:

  • Site Issues and constraints
  • Demolition
  • Design Considerations (such as Fall Safety, Equitable Access & Impact Risk
  • Construction Process
  • End Use – (such as on-going use and Material Suitability and Durability)
  • Servicing and maintenance access

In addition to defined safety procedures, it is ensured all staff members have appropriate accreditation and training to undertake projects, attend on-site meetings and inspections, liase with clients and contractors. The team are licensed to appropriately operate all facilities, vehicles and equipment utilised throughout a project.

View our PQC certificate here

Certificate of Registration as a QA Supplier 

Global Certification Third Party 'Certificate of Registration'