Marquesas, Peregian Beach

Marquesas, Peregian Beach

Architecture | Interior Design | Project Management

PROJECT VALUE: $3.8 Million

This award winning office complex in Peregian Beach was conceived with a point of differentiation from conventional commercial developments.

Three distinct pavilions were designed with an emphasis on creating a working community through landscaped break-out spaces between the buildings.  The site location has ensured the sea change lifestyle can be enjoyed in a readily accessible site.

The building adheres to residential scale, language and materials, and boasts large balconies to the frontage of each pavilion.  Elements such as chamfer board, ply cladding, openable windows and timber decking are employed to further evoke a residential feel.  With a true coastal feel, the building sits comfortably in the natural and existing built environments. 

The mechanical design considered carefully the provision of natural cross ventilation. The user has the opportunity to utilise this natural cross ventilation instead of air-conditioning. The buildings large overhangs shade glazing elements and the façade from the sun, reducing solar heat gain, whilst lighting and building fabric designs exceed the national requirements for energy efficiency ratings & thermal performance.  These measures reduce the environmental impact and ongoing operational costs of the building.

  • CATEGORIES Commercial
  • DATE 2011
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