St Catherine Church of Sienna, Sienna Catholic College

St Catherine Church of Sienna, Sienna Catholic College

Architecture | Interior Design | Project Management

PROJECT VALUE: $1.1 Million

A church to seat 400 people with outdoor ‘chapel’ for 1200 people for the Stella Maris Catholic Parish located at Siena College, Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs, Queensland.

Positioned on a broad gentle north sloping site, this building ‘floats’ with minimal impact on the site, and overlooks the outdoor ‘chapel’ area.  Parishioners enter the site, passing the Rostrum building, via a covered walkway linking the car park and set-down area with the church atrium.

The congregation space is surrounded by a wide verandah, which links to the atrium space and prayer chapel, providing overflow space to double the congregation capacity.  The nave passes through the congregation space on the north/south axis, with the prayer chapel at its southern end, seating is parallel with the nave facing the altar, baptistery and ambo.

The contemporary aesthetic concept addresses the subtropical climate and youthful amenity of this rapidly growing region.

Lightweight construction of the ‘envelope’ contrasts with the clearly expressed structural steel frame.  Naturally finished timber joinery, flooring/decking and furniture warms the human spirit, whilst pre-finished exterior claddings provide intrinsic ‘strength’ to the building.

  • CATEGORIES Government & Public
  • DATE 2005
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